Planning for Fall 2022


  • Passport at ASU (date?): tabling from 6-7 PM; 4 ppl from org. max
  • Chainlink talk + mixer (Mid-late October): finalize date + room, book restaurant (PedalHaus/rooftop bar?) and market; Pima Auditorium?
  • Inagural meeting (August 25th?): reserve room La Paz; market @nanana

Recruiting new board members/help

  • I posted on Discord, will include those interested in planning process


I’m free anytime this week.

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I am free 5-7pm on most weekdays

I’m free most times except Wednesdays.

I’m free anyday, anytime, except Friday. Any evening time is preferable.

Things I’d like to discuss:

  1. What are we going to focus on this year?

  2. We need to try to solidify roles for everyone so everyone on the board has a fixed role and people aren’t floating and working on other people’s intended work

  3. Are we continuing what Ayham and Allison were trying to do?

  4. We need a formal application if we decide to bring anyone new on board. I’ve made one for Treasurer but if we need another one for other positions we should make sure people go through the formal application process.

Additional Meeting Topics:
I would like to have more people work with me on marketing/PR and student outreach specifically. I don’t mind whether this is will be a delagation of tasks among us or a new member.

  • Google form for surveying role/board interest
  • Put people in positions using their own strengths

Solicit feedback at first meeting, make nice presentation to draw in people

Print flyers/plan for Passport

Just created the Google Form:, let me know if anything should be changed before I post it on Discord