OHM & OHM Forks Strategy

@Luke and I have been looking into OHM + OHM forks. Along the way we have learned lots, found great resources to build our strategy, and discovered many OHM Forks.

Creating this topic to share and discuss!

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These are great videos @tyson!
Here were some initial thoughts that I still hold even with my research of Ohm and its forks.

  1. I honestly have no idea. Out of all the ponizs, ohm and its children seem to theoretically be the most resiliant since they lock up so much liquidity within themselves.

  2. But I do believe that since they are mostly made up of themselves and weth. They are very dependent on equity markets doing well for them. So I don’t believe they would fair well in a bear/crab market.

  3. However, these exact ideas were echoed to the protocol Wonderland which carried the $TIME token. Their benevolent dictator(not really, but he holds a lot of influence) Dani decided to sell a lot of the avax that the chain accumulated into stablecoins for use in yield farming. This is very interesting as the ohm fork essentially acts as an enormous pool of cash like a bank. However, as a user, you are buying the value of its market cap which has the goal of being the new unit of account. Ergo it aims to be stable in bear markets, but grow during a bull market. With the ultimate goal of keeping an account with the international crypto scene.

A great strategy to use with ohm would be to buy into it, but then simultaneously short it at the same time. So if its speculative value drops then you are net neutral, but if its actual value increases then you will still come out of it net neutral to positive.

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I am starting to see more people talk about $ohm as a 3,3 Ponzi scheme, which I think is irresponsible since it’s now matured to something much greater than that. However, I do not see it as being undervalued, and as such, I am staying away from it because the 3,3 strategy can apply to any token. $ohm is still near a billion $ in value, ergo it has not ‘popped’ like many would seek to believe.

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What do you think about the changes Wonderland is making to their model?