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Community category can be used almost as a social network? Way for club members to directly interact with each other while discussing all things club/blockchain-related. At same time, this is kinda what our Discord is for. Maybe we provide a general outline of major players in our club (board members, DeFi experts, etc.) so that members can directly ask questions about a topic & get proper advice; or club members themselves can post about themselves and their skills (kinda like our #introductions channel in Discord). If we go this route, could change name to “Outreach/advice” or something like that. Members then have access to all previous questions ppl have asked and see who knows what.

So far it seems like this section is used for misc. fun convos and memes - don’t necessarily see any difference between how it’s being used so far and channels in our Discord… see above “outreach/advice” suggestion

Allison: for in-depth conversations about topics